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For over 30 years, our company has specialized in the transport of sludge, industrial processing fluids, food and chemicals fluids.

Here you can certainly find one possible solution for your pumping requirements.

We are at your complete disposal for discussing with you on any specific request.


Our sales program includes:


Metallic and plastic air-driven diaphragm pumps


Peristaltic pumps


Horizontal/vertical rubber covered pumps


Electromagnetic metering pumps: metallic/plastic


Centrifugal mag-drive pumps (with pin-point)


Horizontal/vertical pastic centrifugal pumps


Gear pumps: series SS316L and cast iron


Saunders diaphragm valves: manual bonnet/pneumatic actuator


Saunders butterfly valves: manual bonnet/pneumatic actuator


Ball valves in SS 316L : manual bonnet/pneumatic actuator


Flux drum pumps with electric/pneumatic motor

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Volumetric scalers Flux

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Flexible impeller pumps: 12 - 24 - 220v


Progressing cavity pumps (mono pumps) SS 316L / cast iron


Submersible pumps: cast iron / stainless steel / Vulkollan lined


Piston-diaphragm pumps for feeding of filter presses


Sanitary centrifugal pumps AISI 316L


Sanitary rotary lobe pumps AISI 316L


Sanitary valves and connections SS 316L


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