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Special pump for abrasive and thick muds
pompa per fanghi

Capacity min / max:

100/2000 Lt/min

Head max:

18 mt. with specific gravity 2,5 Kg/dmc

Electric motor speed:

4,5 - 5,5 - 15 Kw
1450 rpm

Construction details:

Casing and impeller covered with a special antiabrasive compound, interchangeable

Other pumps model for abrasive and thik muds
pompa EL10S : smaltimento fanghi vasche di decantazione
EL10S pump : mud removal from decanting basins
pompa EL12 : smaltimento fanghi derivati dal lavaggio di inerti
EL12 pump : mud removal obtained from inert matter washing
pompa EL60B : pompaggio acque scarico/reflue derivate dall'opera di taglio nell'industria del marmo
EL60B pump : refluent water pumping in the marble cutting industry
pompa HY85A : dragaggio di un canale
HY85A pump : canal dredging operation

draga base con funi
basic dredge

pompa HY85A + 2 escavatori idraulici EXH20
pump HY85A + 2 hydraulic excavators EXH20 : sea bed lowering